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  • Changing the World of Agriculture

    TerraManus Technologies, LLC develops Soil Conditioning and Cropping Systems. The primary purpose of our soil conditioning systems is to enable the soil to retain rainwater where it falls, reduce erosion, increase water retention and infiltration, and to provide for multitasking capabilities.

    The TerraStar, a patented molded plastic wheel, uses consolidation, not compaction, to create a weir system of geometrically-ordered roughness. Consolidating the soil surface lightly sticks the outermost surface soil particles together leaving a porous, permeable soil surface for greater infiltration. Years of independent research have demonstrated that using the TerraStar system is a sustainable, practical way to increase crop yields and lower input costs while promoting environmental stewardship.


  • Upcoming Events

    • U.S. Activities

      Bean and Corn post-harvest work will begin on numerous large-scale field evaluations with Strategic Farm Technologies. Testing locations include; Maine, Illinois, Kansas, and Iowa.

      Fresno California, Strategic Farming, a group of large vegetable growers will be evaluating TerraStar. This group includes a 15,ooo acre winery interested in testing between the rows of grape vines.

      TerraManus were co-sponsors at two Irrigation Association conferences recently in California and Virginia.

    • International Activities

      The Chinese government has financed TerraStar evaluation trials for the Fall and Spring seasons. The vegetable crops being planted are; carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and potatoes. In February, the Institute of Science will begin testing grain crops; corn and soybeans.

      Relationships have formed with Israel to evaluate TerraStar results with the potential to produce, market, and sell throughout the Middle East.

      Stephen Carr just returned from visiting numerous countries in West Africa through the U.S. Dept of Commerce's Gold Key Program.